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つばたがわ Tsubata River - River water level information

  • Ishikawa Prefecture

River conditions
  • Normal
  • River flooding

Water level at each hydrometric stationTsubata River

Updated 12/06/2021 14:40
Benchmark water level
High Risk level Low
Hazardous water level

Flooding could occur at any time

Ensure personal safety

Water level for evacuation determination

Risk of flooding after a certain period of time

Check evacuation information

Advisory water level

River level expected to rise

Follow the latest updates

Water level to put flood control team on standby

Guideline for flood control team to prepare for action

Confirm evacuation measures


Normal water level

No benchmark

Hydrometric station for which no benchmark water level has been set

Missing data

Normal observations interrupted

About posted information
Information is obtained from local governments, the Japan Meteorological Agency, and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.