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Weather warnings / Advisories

Saga Prefecture

  • Emergency Warnings
  • Warnings
  • Advisory
  • None

05/27 23:10

Issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)

Southern Region

Saga-Taku district

Saga City
  • Dry Air
Taku City
  • Dry Air
Ogi City
  • Dry Air

Tosu district

Tosu City
  • Dry Air
Kanzaki City
  • Dry Air
Yoshinogari Town
  • Dry Air
Kiyama Town
  • Dry Air
Kamimine Town
  • Dry Air
Miyaki Town
  • Dry Air

Takeo district

Takeo City
  • Dry Air
Omachi Town
  • Dry Air
Kohoku Town
  • Dry Air
Shiroishi Town
  • Dry Air

Kashima district

Kashima City
  • Dry Air
Ureshino City
  • Dry Air
Tara Town
  • Dry Air

Northern Region

Karatsu district

Karatsu City
  • Dry Air
Genkai Town
  • Dry Air

Imari district

Imari City
  • Dry Air
Arita Town
  • Dry Air
Types of weather warning and Advisory
High Risk level Low
Emergency Warnings

A serious disaster could occur

Take action to save life


Risk of a serious disaster

Determine if you need to evacuate


Risk of a disaster

Check the evacuation measures

About posted information
This information is from the Japan Meteorological Agency.